Friday, October 7, 2011

Lots of pics 2011

Kekoa's First birthday (2010)

Koa absolutely loves his papa!

BYU bowl game New Mexico, 2010

Papa, Kea, & Maiya

Me and my daddy! 

My two boys!

The impossible ginger bread house, it literally took all of us to hold it together!

Kea and her cousin Meg

Nani, contemplating?

Kristal, my big sis, and her family came for Christmas.  It was so fun to have them here.

My little bug!

The two babies!

4 years old

He may be cute, but is already so good at a tantrum

Kealani and her preschool friends Harrison and Lexie

 Nani and me:)

Snow boarding with my parents and my bro Nick was awesome this year! This is me and Tommy ready to go!

Below is my dad and Nick, in case you can't tell

I found him watching tv this way while I was cooking dinner.  I couldn't find my pan!!

Waiting for yummy food :)

 Nani and Kealani during FHE night

 We had a great garden this year. The kids loved checking every day to see what they could find.

Tommy's 30th bday!!!

Uncle Davey and Kealani.  Congrats Uncle Davey on your engagement to Kelly! We are so happy for you!

Nani (My sister) is so talented!

Both kiddos love to dress up.  Kealani especially loves heels.  I love this pic of her because this is a shirt I used to love to wear at her age that my mom made for me!!

Our little surfer girl!

Stand up paddling down at baby beach after a great breakfast with Grandpa.

                                        Cool water slides and roasting marshmallows at our hotel

Future surfer!
 Watching his daddy and dreaming of surfing

We visited the gym I used to coach at in HB

Our first date was at Duke's on the beach.  It's so fun to go back and see what has come of it:)


So proud of Tommy and all his accomplishments!

Jada's Racing 2011

A trail run of 10.35 miles, lots of hills! It completely poured and even was such a blast!!!

Palos Verdes, CA Half marathon.  A beautifully hilly run along the ocean cliffs. Seriously amazing!

The family ran a 5K for BYU student scholarships.  Jada pushed the kids in the stroller while Tommy almost kept up:) He is getting ready now to do the tough mudder in Phoenix.  If you haven't heard of it, you HAVE to check it out.  It's crazy!

Kealani had a great time doing her own race in her little pink cougar T. so cute!

My little gymnast

My little man stealing a kiss

Dress ups.  Kea is a princess and Ko is saying "hee-haw" (Yeehaw) like a surfer Hawaiian cowboy!
Kealani's favorite thing to do is play dress up.  Her most favorite day is when she discovered my wedding dress! :)


Kealani with Shay and Lexie, three cutest kiddos!

My Best Friend Becky, isn't she gorgeous?! She is one of the most amazing people I have ever met! I had such a blast staying up late every night, talking, laughing and just being stupid. It was such a blast!!


Trick Or Treating in Colorado.  I love this pic, it makes me laugh...Kea is trying to preserve the lipstick on her lips by not smiling, and koa about ready to tackle me for dressing him up.

Denver Temple
A gorgeous trip to the temple.  Tommy and I marveled at the change of seasons.  One side of the temple was like Christmas, and the other side a golden fall.

                                     Merry Christmas and the happiest of New Years to you all!!!